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People Coaching for ManagersPeople Coaching for Managers

Do you have managers in your business who haven’t been trained to coach and develop their teams?

Do you value your employees but don’t invest enough time on their development?

If so, you could be failing to tap into the full potential of your people. Everyone has unique skills and talents that are waiting to be unleashed; but they need someone to help them find goals to work towards.

As a qualified and experienced Business Coach, Jan Foster can train your managers to become great people coaches themselves.

Learning how to coach people will bring the benefits of:-

  • A more motivated, effective and contented team of people around you
  • Improving your skills and capacity to be more productive
  • Honing your own interpersonal skills
  • Understanding performance expectations and feedback
  • Retention of employees
  • The ability to discuss new ideas objectively

‘Managing people’ isn’t about telling others what to do. It is about coaching them; encouraging, supporting, involving and inspiring, to improve their performance.


Business Coaching for Creative Thinking

Creative Thinking

Do you believe that creativity in business is important, but find it too difficult and intimidating?

Do you and your teams often come up with great ideas, but do nothing with them?

Are you so busy with the day-to-day routine that you rarely try new things?

The key to business success in today’s competitive world is uniqueness, insight and fresh ideas. However, creativity is the most under developed skill in business today.

The good news is that the ability to think creatively can be learnt and practised by anyone; it is not just the province of ‘creative teams’.

Creative Thinking Workshops from Jan Foster Coaching will enable your business to:-

  • Bring creative ideas to the forefront of your behaviours
  • Make innovation a vital part of business growth
  • Stand out from your competitors
  • Develop a creative workforce
  • Identify new directions for your corporate brand
  • Improve teamwork


Purchasing for Non-Purchasing ProfessionalsPurchasing for non-purchasing professionals

Is your company unable to resource a separate Purchasing function?

Would you like to reduce your external costs?

Do you feel like your suppliers are managing you , rather than you managing them?

Are you legally exposed through lack of sound purchase contracts?

Could you be more assertive in negotiations?

Jan Foster Coaching offers a range of workshops and training programmes, either available publicly or tailor made to suit the needs of your company.

Specialist areas covered are:-

  • Preparing  Requests To Quote (RFQ’s) and evaluating tenders
  • Negotiation skills
  • Managing your Supplier Base and measuring performance
  • Cost analysis and strategic procurement
  • Understanding contractual conditions ; negotiable and non-negotiable



Business Coaching for Career Development

Career Development  

Are you being overlooked for promotion, and don’t know why?

Would you like to earn more than you do?

Have you lost the motivation for your current role?

Does your employer not consider performance feedback a priority?

At Jan Foster Coaching we will reassess your career path and evaluate options so that you can make the best decisions.

This is what coaching sessions can do for you:-

  • Assess your current career, where you want to be and how to get there
  • Identify what is holding you back and how to move forwards
  • Help you decide which career best suits your skills and interests
  • Give you focus and motivation
  • Prepare you for interview situations; either with a potential employer, the chance for promotion or a performance review
  • Help you communicate to your employers what you would like to achieve



WorkshopsBusiness Coach, Jan Foster Workshops

In the Spotlight – presenting with confidence workshop

Most jobs involve some form of presentations, whether to external clients or to internal colleagues. In these situations, like it or not, we are often judged more on how we look and behave, than on what we say.
Many people find the idea of standing up and presenting a daunting prospect, and often avoid putting themselves in that position due to fear. This can have the effect of them not reaching their true potential.

This workshop will teach the tools and techniques to help you

  • Overcome fears and anxieties
  • Build a rapport with your audience
  • Create presentations that are structured with clear messages
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Enhance your personal impact

It will give you the skills and techniques needed to build your confidence in a supportive and informal environment.

Creative Thinking is to stay fresh – creativity workshop

Learn practical skills to generate fresh thinking, new ideas and critical insights. Gain tools and techniques to unleash creativity and innovation – a major source of competitive advantage for any business today.

Understand how to transform ideas into reality.

Be prepared to be challenged and taken out of your comfort zone, but into a brave new world that is enjoyable, inspirational and participative.

If you see creative thinking and innovation as playing an important role in your life, or your dominant logical brain is getting in the way of you reaching your full potential, then this course will be invaluable.

Seal the Right Deal – how to buy professionally

This workshop is designed for people who are new to purchasing, or whose role includes some purchasing responsibility but they have never been formally trained.
It will provide tools and techniques to ensure that company expenditure on the buying of goods and services is effective and value for money.

It will help delegates to

  • Define the key objectives of purchasing
  • Work through the procurement cycle
  • Understand how to achieve value for money
  • Identify cost saving opportunities and implement them
  • Interpret supplier tenders
  • Negotiate the best deals possible
  • Sign beneficial contract terms

Look the Part – corporate image workshop

How your staff present themselves has a huge impact on your corporate image.
Whether we like it or not, others definitely judge us by our appearance, and career prospects can rise or fall based on our business dress.

If your company employs uniformed staff, then the choice of uniform and how they wear it every day can affect the public perception of the corporate brand.
For non-uniformed employees, the appropriateness of their style, personal presentation and grooming should be consistent with the image the company wants to project.

How professional and efficient an organisation is perceived is crucial to its long term success.

Corporate image workshops from Jan Foster Coaching will help businessmen and women, and particularly customer-facing staff to always look the part.


All courses and workshops can be tailored to address specific needs and issues.
Company workshops can be held either in-house or at an external venue.

We also offer keynote speeches and seminars on a broad range of personal development topics, for seminars, conferences or groups.

Contact us to discuss your requirements