About Jan Foster Coaching

Jan Foster Personal and Business CoachJan Foster, founder and owner, is an experienced personal and business coach.

She chose to pursue a career in the field of personal development after having previously held management positions in a global airline and a major defence company.

Senior roles were in Purchasing, Marketing, and as a board director of a subsidiary travel company. Jan built a reputation for being an expert negotiator, and a people manager with a talent for developing and motivating effective teams.

Jan’s marketing responsibility for brand extension strategy built her expertise in the creation and management of ideas and she has run many workshops on creativity. On several occasions she represented the airline as a keynote speaker on Innovation, and assisted in the creation of The Innovation Exchange (London Business School) as a professional advisor.

Jan elected to leave the corporate world to focus on her desire to help others develop and reach their full potential in life.

She qualified as a Coach with a Diploma from Newcastle College, and has in addition spent several years as an image consultant with Colour Me Beautiful, Europe’s leading image consultancy.

Her coaching and image advisory clients include accounting firms, retailers, public sector companies, financial institutions and IT organisations.


What clients say.....

My coaching sessions with Jan exceeded my expectations. I was able to put my life into perspective and achieve clarity. It made me realise what is really important to me, and how I can enhance my life”  

R.J. Sales Director

I have achieved goals that I wouldn’t otherwise have done in the timescales. It has made me focus on what I’m doing and why I make some of the decisions that I do.”

S.B., HR Manager

Jan taught me that when I’m presenting, I should turn my mental ‘spotlight’ away from myself and onto my audience – it was a revelation which completely changed my approach.”

D.W, IT Manager

Your creativity workshop was so inspiring and fun, I feel like it’s given me a new lease of life. My mind is always buzzing with ideas and now I know what to do to manage them.”

K.B, Personal Trainer

The first impressions when you meet a coach are extremely important; Jan excelled at this, making me as a client feel welcome and relaxed. She was not judgmental or critical in any way, and she allows you to come up with your own solutions, which is so empowering.”

F.B. Housewife and mother

"I am thrilled with the outcome of my consultation, and feel sure I will be coming again for more advice! I went out that same afternoon and bought a lovely ‘Phase Eight’ lace dress in ‘Evergreen’. It fits me well, and it was in the sale, (a bonus), and I never would have given it a second glance until you gave me permission to be bold!

J. Morrison