An article in the paper today says that the average woman has 22 garments in her wardrobe that she will never wear and refuses to throw away. Having sorted and managed lots of wardrobes for women (and men!) then I can vouch for these statistics!

Some other interesting claims:-

  • 88 per cent of women said they own at least one pair of jeans that they wouldn't go out in
  • One in 5 hoard up to 6 pairs of shoes that will never be worn
  • More than half say that guilt over wasting money keeps them from throwing away unwanted clothes.
  • 41 per cent insist they are planning on losing weight so that they can wear the unworn outfits (some do, but many more don't)
  • 17% are hoarding particular fashions in the hope of a revival (believe me ladies, if that particular fashion does come back it will come back with a 'twist' and your item will still look dated).

If you do feel guilty about the money you've spent, why not give the items to a charity shop and feel good about helping others in need? Or why not get together with a group of friends and have a Clothes Swapping evening - send your unwanted items to a good home and hopefully get something more suitable in return!

Or why not get me round to do a 'Wardrobe Weeding' session for you - get that crammed wardrobe sifted and organised for the Spring/Summer season!