Creative Thinking is not just for Mad Men

Hello and welcome to our new website.

I hope that your visit will encourage you to find out more about our services, particularly those that strike a chord with you, and that you believe could help you make positive changes, large or small.

Talking of striking a chord, I have recently become hooked on the TV drama series Mad Men (a late adopter I know!), and it takes me back to the times when I dealt with advertising agencies when I worked in Purchasing. Thankfully my experience of them was not as sexist, homophobic and cigarette smoke-engulfed environments as depicted in the series!

Anyway, I have just finished watching Series One – I know, I have no time at all to watch Series Two and Three before Four starts this week, but that’s what Sky Plus is for!

What has impressed me most is the attention to 1960’s detail in every shot, the complexities of the characters and the magnificent outfits worn by the women.

Such is the influence of the programme that the style trends for Autumn/Winter 2010 reflect some of the gorgeous shapely dresses and full skirts with cinched in waists – a return to the sophistication, glamour and elegance of that era.

For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, the drama revolves around an advertising agency called Stirling Cooper in New York, a hub of creative activity where the whole creative team is male (well, it is the 1960’s!).

Many people still believe that coming up with new ideas and being creative is the sole domain of advertising teams, designers, artists and eccentric geniuses such as Mozart and Einstein. It is not – anybody can be creative, given the confidence, the right environment and tools and techniques.

So I’m considering re-naming my workshop ‘Creative Thinking is not just for Mad Men’, as it shows anyone how to find that spark and freedom to think laterally.

Fresh ideas and constant stimulation are the fundamentals of a healthy business and a healthy mind.

Do something different and unusual today and make a start!